CSEP Application



To qualify as a candidate for the CSEP exam, one must have a minimum of three years of full-time events industry employment.

  1. Fill out the application
  2. Pay $600 exam fee - credit card information is collected in the application
  3. Submit proof of three years of full-time events industry employment
    1. Acceptable forms of documentation can include but are not limited to: statement of employment verification from personnel or human resources official, copy of W2 forms (USA applicants only), letter of incorporation. Supporting documentation must be submitted in English. If these documents are in a language other than English, the candidate is responsible for having the documents translated into English and notarized. Submission information is located in the exam application
  4. Approved candidates will receive a notification with exam scheduling information. Candidates are responsible for scheduling their exam at their chosen testing location

CSEP Exam Eligibility Period

 The exam window is 15 days in length and is offered four times annually.
Exam Window Exam Application and Exam Fee Due Date
January 15 - 30 December 1 
April 15 - 30 March 1 
July 15 - 30  June 1 
October 15 - 30  September 1 

All candidates will receive application results after the exam application and exam fee due date. Candidates are responsible for adhering to all deadlines. Do not rely on any source other than ILEA for CSEP program details.

Candidate Responsibility

Candidates are responsible for adhering to all CSEP policies and deadlines. Candidates will be notified directly by ILEA Headquarters regarding examination eligibility. Candidates should deal directly with ILEA regarding their eligibility, or policy and exam inquiries.

Denial of Eligibility 

Based on the information provided in the application, an individual may have insufficient special events industry experience to be eligible for the CSEP exam.

An application may be denied if it is incomplete, illegible, does not reflect special events industry experience, if information is misrepresented, or if supporting documentation is not included or not in English. $500 USD will be refunded from the $600 USD exam fee if an application does not comply with exam requirements.

CSEP Exam Eligibility Period 

Once exam application is approved, SMT will send the applicant login information. Applicants can choose to sit for the exam on a day from the 15-30 in January, April, July and October. Applicants should choose an examination period that best fits their schedule. Exams can be rescheduled at any time for a later exam cycle as long as the exam is cancelled five days prior to the scheduled date. There is no expiration date for exam candidates; however, we strongly recommend candidates sit for the exam within one year of successful exam application, as content of the exam is continually updated to reflect current industry best-practices. Examinees will be subject to program terms and fees at the time of exam registration.