Prepare for the Exam


Once you have completed your CSEP application and received confirmation that you've been accepted as a CSEP Candidate, it's time to prepare for the exam.  While this is an experience based exam, there are ways to fine tune your skills.  

The Content Outline
The Content Outline is a great way to assess your current skill level.  Many current CSEPs have recommended reviewing this list with a highlighter in hand. Highlight those line items that you are comfortable with.  Whatever is left, take time to review. Download the full ILEA Core Curriculum Content Outlines.

The Apex Glossary
The Apex Glossary is a list of industry terms and definitions published by the Events Industry Council. View the Glossary.

ILEA Education Events
ILEA is held to an education standard that is based off the ILEA Core Curriculum.  By attending these events, you are exposed to different education opportunities. Connect with ILEA at Industry Events. 

Your Fellow Industry Members
Because this is an experience based exam, the best way to prepare is to gain more industry experience.  If you are looking to expand your knowledge base, try talking to your fellow industry members about their jobs, work for free, shadow them on an event. Find an ILEA member.

Making the Most of CSEP - How to Prep for the Test and Ultimately, Bring in More Business
Mary Baird-Wilcock, CSEP