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Get Involved With Global Meetings Industry Day!

by Ande Leslie | Mar 24, 2017

gmid_logo_horizontalOn April 6, 2017, live event professionals from around the world will participate in the 2017 Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID). The purpose of GMID is to raise awareness of the importance of in-person meetings; and at ILEA, this is something we feel passionate about as a community.

In fact, the live events and meeting industry accounts for $280 billion of direct spending; 1.7 million jobs across the U.S. alone; and brings $28 billion in much-needed tax revenues for the U.S.

 You can participate by attending one of many registered GMID events around the globe — in the United States alone, there are currently more than 30 local registered events. There are a variety of GMID events, such as rallies, press conferences, speaking panels, educational events, award presentations, proclamations and more. Find one close to you, and attend!

On the day of the event, whether you are attending an event in-person or not, I invite you to use the #GMID17 hashtag in your social media posts to follow and participate in the online conversation. Last year, there were over 40 million impressions of #GMID16, let’s make sure ILEA and live events are part of the conversation! Share event photos and recaps throughout the day, and invite the media and elected officials to attend GMID events. Small efforts lead to mass awareness.

As members of ILEA and live events community, you are the very best at what you do. Your role in helping corporations, associations, families and individuals tell their story using live events cannot be underestimated or undervalued. You work in an industry that’s essential, an industry that’s creative, an industry that helps people communicate, a global industry, an industry that we have supported for 30 years, and we thank each of you for everything that you do for it.

Live events themselves are all about the great things that happen when people come together, so I ask you to come together for GMID. Make great things happen.

Judy Brillhart, CSEP, PBC
ILEA International President

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