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Top Contributor Meredith Masaveg, Wedding Coordinator, Rain Wedding Planning

by Marisa Weich | Apr 14, 2017

Meredith headshot2Can you tell us about your involvement with recruitment?

I am the current VP of Membership for ILEA Cleveland. Last year I was director under Amy Van Duyne, CSEP. I will be stepping away from my VP role next year, and taking on PR and sponsorship director. I am looking forward to this new role because it will give me a chance to be one-on-one with our chapter members again, helping them achieve both personal and professional goals they have within ILEA, and giving our chapter members value on their investment of membership.

What value does ILEA provide to your personal and professional life?

As a small business owner who started this journey in the event industry, I realized that I enjoyed putting events together and giving people memories. I am not a business major, nor did I study business in school. I did online courses to learn more about the event industry and get a basic guideline of what I needed to do to follow my dreams and goal. However, during my first few years in the industry, I found myself being my own worst enemy when it came to my small business personally. I had ILEA members reach out to me, and invite me to their events. Through attending these events as a non-member I was able to get a better understanding of the logistical side of events; but still found myself not knowing who I could talk to about understanding the business side of our industry. I held off on actually becoming a member. I looked at the people who held the proud distinction of belonging to ILEA. Personally, I wanted to be one of them; I, at first, was overwhelmed at the sheer talent that one association could have. Joe Mineo, Nick Borelli, Matt Radicelli, John Bibbo, and Neil Leeson! My God, I had my personal idols standing right in front of me. It took me 3 years of attending ILEA events, doing my own events and learning the industry before I felt comfortable enough with investing my my future and becoming an ILEA Cleveland member in 2013.

During my time as an ILEA member I got to learn how to fill in my own personal gaps through educational programs such as our small business round table events, wedding trends and guest speakers. Last year, during ILEA Cleveland's annual Day of Education event, I had the opportunity to experience growth on an international level when ISES changed its name to ILEA. It was at that moment that it really hit home for me; that I was a member of something much larger than any one person could ever be. 

What is the biggest challenge or opportunity that the ILEA communities have helped you address?

My biggest opportunity came this past January when I traveled to Long Beach, California to attend ILEA Winter Leadership Meetings, and I met event professionals from around the globe.

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