ILEA Core Curriculum


The Core Curriculum is the foundation and driving force for all ILEA education products. 

The Core Curriculum is comprised of Key Competencies designed to provide consistent educational frameworks for learning about the live events industry, presented in a standardized format, with content outlines that have been identified and vetted by industry experts within each discipline. Recognizing the need for differences in learning levels and cultural considerations, the outlines allow for local variations while adhering to international standards.

Consistent with the mission of the association, the focus of the Core Curriculum, is to educate cross functionally. Download the full ILEA Core Curriculum Content Outlines.


The Core Curriculum Key Competencies

Event-Planning-CoreCurriculumEvent Planning: Established from the ILEA point of view as the standard of practice for the event planning processes, the CSEP outline is being utilized as the educational content outline for this category at this time.

The Entertainment Content Outline identifies the steps, procedures, processes required for entertainment professionals to do their job effectively.  Whether working with a talent agent, booking agent direct or as an entertainment professional working in the events industry, this outline identifies all of the high-level interactions necessary with various members of the event team to ensure the successful production of entertainment at an event.

Speaker-Content-Management_CoreCurriculumSpeaker/Content Management: A subset of the Entertainment Content Outline, this document explores the steps and procedures necessary for an event professional tasked with managing a speaker or speakers and the content for those speakers for a conference, meeting or event.

Event-Decor_CoreCurriculumEvent Décor:
The Event Décor Content Outline explores the steps, procedures, processes and high-level interactions required for an event decorator to successfully perform their job function at an event.  This outline looks at event décor specifically as integrated, but separate from design (see Creative Services) and focuses on the many event décor specialties and service providers include Decorating / Props / Scenery professionals, Florists, Balloons and Inflatable companies.

Creative-Services_CoreCurriculumCreative Services: The Creative Services Outline covers at a high-level the many creative categories of professionals working in the Special Events Industry, including: Event Designers, Marketing Professionals, Graphic Designers, Content Creators, Photographer, etc. This outline identifies all of the steps, procedures, processes and high-level interactions with various members of the event team required to ensure the successful creation and production of creative services for an event.

Rentals_CoreCurriculumRentals: The Rentals Support Services Outline explores the steps, procedures, processes and high-level interactions with members of the event team for a rental service event professional to effectively provide support services for an event.  This category includes professionals who provide tables, chairs, linens, tents, staging, kitchen and service ware, portable restrooms and/or any other rental support services required for an event.

Tenting_CoreCurriculumTenting: As a specified sub-category of the Rentals Content Outline, the Tenting Outline provides more detailed information specifically about the steps, procedures and processes a Tenting professional performs in order to provide tents and temporary structures for an event.

Food-and-Beverage_CoreCurriculumFood and Beverage:
The Food and Beverage Support Services Outline explores the steps, procedures, processes and high-level interactions with members of the event team a food and beverage service professional performs in order to provide those services for an event.  This content outline covers the work of Catering Professionals including Off-Premise Caterers, On-Premise Caterers, Event/Food Service Staff, Drink/Beverage Specialist, Bakeries / Wedding Cake Specialist and others involved in providing food and beverage services.

Technical-Production_CoreCurriculumTechnical Production: The Technical Production Support Services Outline covers event professionals working in the audio visual and technical production industry.  This content outline covers the work of audio, lighting, video, staging, and content and/or visual graphic design content all necessary for the execution of a meeting or event.

Venue_CoreCurriculumVenue: The Venue Content Outline covers the steps and procedures a venue or location personnel would do in their job to help facilitate a meeting or event on their property.


 The complete Core Curriculum Key Competency Outlines are available for ILEA Leadership on the ILEA Member Community.

Note: Updated January 2015. ILEA recognizes that the Key Competencies are evolving disciplines and are reviewed and updated on a regular basis by the ILEA Education Council.