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The ILEA Esprit Awards program endeavors to create an impartial judging process and countless hours are put forth to ensure anonymity for every entry. 


Anonymous: It is important that everyone understand the rigorous process of award recipient selection. The ILEA Esprit Awards provide a juried competition for live event professionals from around the world to compete in the annual ILEA Esprit Awards program.

Impartial: In order to maintain fairness in the judging, the ILEA Esprit Awards are entirely anonymous and are a completely online digital process. No judge will receive an entry from his/her area or region and has the option to decline judging an entry.

All Electronic: ILEA recognizes talent through competitions juried by industry leaders, throughout the world. Each judge's scores are completed and tabulated electronically. ILEA Headquarters pulls the nominees and winners. ILEA hosts the awards to honor talented event professionals.  

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