About the CSEP

A Certified Special Event Professional has an established career supporting the live events industry. They have invested time and energy in gaining a well-rounded and comprehensive understanding of the various event elements and have proven they can apply their experience and critical thinking to all facets of a live event, regardless of the role they play. They are not required to be a subject matter expert in all areas, but should understand the event process well enough that, if needed, they would be able to assemble a team of event professionals, articulate a clear vision and manage that team to execute a successful event. If the candidate is not an event planner or producer, but rather a supplier or partner in the industry, the candidate should still be able to speak to all elements within an event with knowledge and understanding.

Why to Become a CSEP

CSEP Stories

This page is being updated to align with the relaunch of the CSEP Exam in early Fall 2020.  Please check this and other CSEP pages for the most up-to-date information.