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As ILEA actively reviews and enhances the CSEP program to modernize the CSEP test-taking system and create new questions which will better assess current industry standards, retired CSEP practice exams are available for purchase. These exams allow future candidates to access sample exam questions and be exposed to taking an exam in a computer-based format. Two sample exams are available for purchase. When you purchase a sample exam you'll be able to take it once and access your results at any time. 

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Disclaimer: Sample exam questions included in the practice exam have been pulled from CSEP exam question banks that are no longer active and may no longer be relevant to the current content of the CSEP exam. ILEA makes this material available to candidates in an effort to provide an opportunity to gain exposure to types of sample exam questions they may encounter on the CSEP exam. The practice exam also provides the opportunity for candidates to gain exposure to taking an exam in a computer-based format. The current CSEP exam may incorporate some or different digital question formats than those presented in the practice exam. ILEA makes no claim that the material on the practice exam is the best or only means for preparing adequately for the CSEP certification examination. Please refer to the current CSEP exam for the most current reference of exam content.