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ILEA membership benefits include exclusive on-demand webinars and Quick Tip videos in the Education Spotlight Series. These resources are updated monthly and available only to ILEA members.

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Followers, Traffic and Engagement Rates: Which Metrics REALLY Matter to Your Business?

Channing Muller
Hosted live in October 2018

Join presenter Channing Muller, principal and founder of DCM Communications, to get the real skinny on which metrics matter most. She works with event professionals and business owners to grow and scale their businesses with refined marketing strategies developed through consulting sessions, and she wants to share which metrics matter most. 

This webinar is available only to ILEA members in the Communities.

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Tips for Hiring and Retaining Top Talent

Claudia St. John
Hosted live in September 2018

Where can you find top talent? What are the best screening and interviewing techniques? How can you avoid dreaded and costly mis-hires? What's the best way to ensure that your new hire will be successful in his or her job? This presentation offers best-in-class recruiting strategies and people management practices to help companies be more successful in talent acquisition and retention. 

This webinar is available only to ILEA members in the Communities.

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November: Marketing & Trends
December: Education & Certification 

Quick Tip Videos

In three minutes or less you'll learn some easy to implement tips to help your business succeed. Hear what the experts have to say in these Quick Tip videos available exclusively to ILEA members. 

Finding Your Brand - Alan Berg, CSP

Alan Berg speaks around the world about the business of wedding and events. In this video he shares his best tips for conveying your passion and drive for why you do what you do to potential clients. 

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Coming Up in 2019

January: Proposals - Kevin Molesworth, CSEP
March: Making Your Website Better - Alan Berg, CSP
May: Building Your Team - Jon'll Boyd
July: Asking Better Questions - Alan Berg, CSP
September: Digital Communication - Alan Berg, CSP