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What is the ILEA Approved Speakers Database?

The ILEA Approved Speakers Database is a database of approved industry speakers in each Core Curriculum Key Competency provided as a resource for chapters seeking guest speakers.

Who is an ILEA Approved Speaker?

An ILEA Approved Speaker is a professional with industry experience and expertise in a Core Curriculum key competency with a demonstrated ability to provide education. Speakers listed in the database have submitted to an application and review process to ensure alignment with the Core Curriculum key competencies.

Who can be an ILEA Approved Speaker?

ILEA Approved Speakers have a demonstrated and documented record of providing high quality and relevant education to advance the body of knowledge within the Core Curriculum key competencies. Application for consideration may be made by others on their behalf or self-submission.

What is the process to submit an application for consideration as an ILEA Approved Speaker?

  1. Compare and submit the official ILEA Approved Speakers Database Application, provided by the ILEA Education Council.
  2. The applicant must acknowledge that: by submitting on behalf of someone else they have permission from the speaker to submit on their behalf OR as the speaker applicant they consent to their information being reviewed for possible inclusion in a database to be shared with ILEA Chapter representatives.
  3. The review process will be conducted by members of the Education Council. 
  4. Results of the review will be conducted by members of the Education Council.
  5. Results of the review by the Education Council will be communicated throguh ILEA HQ staff directly to the speaker.

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Other Important Information 

Submission of this application does not guarantee approval and inclusion in the ILEA Approved Database. There is no guarantee of income associated with selection. Chapters and regions will negotiate compensation, travel and accommodations on an individual basis using the ILEA Agreement for Speaking Engagement.