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by Marisa Weich | Feb 19, 2018

Are you motivated, goal-oriented and experienced? A true visionary who works well in a team setting? We want you to help lead ILEA. Are we describing someone you know? Refer them to a volunteer leadership position.

The ILEA Nominating Committee is seeking nominations for individuals to serve on the International Board of Governors, an International Officer of the Board and two USA Regional Vice Presidents.

Available Positions for 2018-2019

  • Director - Two (2) open positions*
  • Officer - Two (2) open positions: Treasurer/Secretary and President-Elect
  • Regional Vice President - Five (5) open positions

If you're interested in serving or know someone who would make a great volunteer leader, request a nomination application and submit it to ILEA Headquarters. Contact Matthew Hessler for an application.

Applications and candidate reference forms must be submitted to ILEA Headquarters no later than 16 March.

Request an application.

About the International Nominating Committee

The goal of this committee is to make the nomination process for ILEA International leadership positions transparent and to increase the diversity of and the number of qualified applicants for the board.

The International Board of Governors and the USA Regional Vice President candidates are slated by the International Nominations Committee and then chosen by the ILEA membership. The candidates for Officers of the Board are slated by the International Nominations Committee and then chosen by the ILEA Board of Governors.

* At the ILEA Board of Governors meeting on 17 February, the Board made the decision to reduce the number of Director positions on the Board by one (1) beginning with the 2018-2019 year. The total number of Officers on the Board of Governors will be four (4), and the number of Directors will be six (6).