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With CSEP, Experience Matters


The CSEP exam is a true measure of what you do best; execute state-of-the-art events. The CSEP uniquely balances the practical events knowledge and skills that you've learned working the industry, with the theoretical understanding of the business, mechanics, and details of event execution. 



Exam Blueprint

Special events don't come with textbooks. The Exam Blueprint is a great way to assess your current skill level.  Many current CSEPs have recommended reviewing this list with a highlighter in hand.  Highlight those line items that you are comfortable with.  Whatever is left, take time to review by using the resources below. 

Industry Glossary

The Industry Glossary is a list of terms and definitions published by the Events Industry Council.

Recommended Reading List

A curated recommended reading list, hand-picked from references from the CSEP Exam.

ILEA Education Events 

ILEA is held to an education standard that is based off the ILEA Core Curriculum.  By attending these events, you are exposed to different education opportunities. Connect with ILEA at Industry Events.

Your Industry Colleagues 


Because this is an experience based exam, the best way to prepare is to gain more industry experience.  If you are looking to expand your knowledge base, try talking to your fellow industry members about their jobs, work for free, shadow them on an event. Those thinking about taking the CSEP exam are welcome to reach out to their local ILEA Chapter to ask questions of any current CSEPs.

Practice Exam

Prepare for the exam experience with one practice exam that allows you to simulate your upcoming CSEP testing experience and understand your domain-level strengths and areas of improvement.

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