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Meet Our I-24 Conference Speakers!

Updated: Jun 10

From deciphering data, to design thinking to destination marketing to disruption and beyond! Hear from speakers from globally recognized brands – including Meta and Microsoft! Learn about how they utilize events to create an engaging workplace experience and make a difference in the community. From the World Cup to Worldwide Trends to exploring New Worlds – we’ll be hearing from some of the largest events across the globe. 


Join us as we explore these and many other topics aimed at bringing you the latest information you need to be at the top of your game. 


Here is a sampling of speakers you will hear from at the ILEA conference:

  • Kevin White – XPL 

  • Angie Senter – Washington State University 

  • Beth Knox – Seattle Sports Commission (Host of World Cup 2026 in Seattle)

  • Kelli Bielema – Meta (Facebook)

  • Denise Malo – President of ADMEI, BBC Events

  • La Shanda Hurst – Microsoft (Philanthropy + Community Events)


Plan now to be where the energy is contagious and imagination is out of this world, set amongst an awe-inspiring atmosphere in one of the most inventive and vibrant cities, one that is the global leader in innovation and technology. #WEAREILEA



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