CSEP Recertification

As a Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP®), you have demonstrated your support of excellence in the live events field. Recertification demonstrates your continued dedication to maintaining a comprehensive, standardized body of practitioner knowledge in a rapidly changing profession.

CSEP Recertification Application

CSEP Reinstatement Application

CSEP Recertification and Reinstatement Policy

What’s new?

Beginning 1 June 2020, a revised policy and application for the CSEP program will be used. You may now download the new CSEP Recertification Application and the updated Recertification and Reinstatement Policy. Each section of the CSEP Recertification Application should be labeled and verification documentation attached. Notable highlights are: 

  • As grading of exams is no longer required, a minimum of two (2) CSEP Sustainability points are now required in place. ILEA HQ will offer at least one opportunity each year for CSEPs to earn sustainability points, in addition to the other options noted.

  • As part of our commitment to maintaining current with industry standards and changes, a minimum of two (2) Continuing Education points are now required. CSEPs who are ILEA members can utilize the ILEA Education Portal to access a variety of on-demand classes that are aligned with ILEA’s Core Curriculum. Other continuing education options are also welcome as long as they meet the guidelines outlined in the Recertification Application.

  • Life doesn’t always go as planned. While the CSEP program maintains its commitment to recognizing individuals that are active in the live events industry, sometimes work, health, family or other situations require CSEPs to be flexible with their employment. The requirement for full-time employment in the live events industry has been reduced to a required minimum of three (3) years.

  • Some categories and point allocations have shifted - please review carefully.

How often do I need to recertify?

Once a CSEP, the designee is required to recertify every five (5) years through continuing education, industry experience and service to the industry. A candidate for recertification must accumulate a minimum of twenty-five (25) points during those five (5) years before the recertification application may be submitted.

Plan ahead! The recertification application only takes approximately 60-90 minutes if you have gathered all of your information in advance. Click here for helpful tips on setting yourself up for success as you prepare for your next recertification. 

When is my recertification application due?

Completed applications (including the appropriate recertification fee) must be received by ILEA HQ on or before 30 November every five (5) years beginning with the year of the fifth exam anniversary date. All information requested on the application must be completed and all documentation should accompany the application at the time of submission. Electronic submission of documentation and application is preferred.

Do I still need to grade exams?

As of 1 April 2020, the grading of exams is no longer required for recertification, however a minimum of two (2) points are now required in the CSEP Sustainability Contribution section. Points earned by grading of exams prior to 1 April 2020 are still eligible toward recertification points through 31 December 2024. 

Are there extensions for extenuating circumstances?

Extenuating circumstances surrounding late recertification submissions will be reviewed for time extensions. Requests for time extensions due to extenuating circumstances must be received by ILEA Headquarters in writing by 31 December. Examples include, but are not limited to serious illness of self or an immediate family member, short- and/or long-term disability, job loss, family leave, and military duty. If not received by 31 December, follow the steps outlined in the Recertification and Reinstatement Policy.

When will I know if my recertification application was approved?

All approved CSEP recertification candidates will receive immediate written confirmation of their submission. Notification of additional required information needed or approval and a new certificate will be sent by ILEA HQ three to four weeks after submittal.

CSEP Emeritus Status Policy

As of 1 January 2020, new applications for CSEP Emeritus Status have been suspended while the program is revised. Check back for updates on the status of the reinstatement of the CSEP Emeritus Status program.

CSEP Recertification Application Deadlines and Fees 

Application Type
Due Date


30 November

$200 USD

Late Recertification

1 December - 31 December

$200 USD + $50 USD = $250 USD


1 January - 28 February

$250 USD + $100 USD = $350


After 28 February

$700 USD with Exam Retake

CSEP Recertification Appeals

Appeals will be referred to the ILEA CSEP Committee for further consideration and decision.

An applicant for CSEP recertification who has been notified that they received insufficient points to recertify may submit a written appeal to ILEA Headquarters within 30 days of the notification. An appeal of recertification review results may address the following:

  • The recertification applicant may submit additional information or documentation to update the application.

  • The applicant may provide further explanation of any items that were discounted by the reviewers.

Expired CSEPs must re-apply and pass the written examination in order to regain legal use of the CSEP designation.


CSEP Recertification Application

CSEP Recertification and Reinstatement Policy