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ILEA International 2024-2025 Board of Governors & Regional Vice Presidents Announced

The Nominating Committee presents the following slate for the 2024-2025 ILEA International Board of Governors and the Regional Vice Presidents for your consideration. The Committee members for this year are Dustin Westling, CSEP (Chair), Morgan Doan, CSEP, Richard Foulkes, CSEP, Corinne Kessel, CSEP, and Dana Macaulay, CSEP.

The Nominating Committee is tasked with presenting candidates who will effectively lead ILEA in each open seat. This slate is the result of a thorough examination of all applications received through the Call for Nominations process. The Nominations Committee believes that the selected candidates indicated in purple for the BOG Officer, BOG Director and RVP roles possess a diverse range of skills, industry experience, connections, insights, and leadership styles that will complement the current makeup of the Executive Committee Officers, Board of Governors and Regional Vice Presidents continuing for ongoing terms.


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