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International Member Awards

J. Robert Graves
Pioneer Award

The ILEA J. Robert Graves Pioneer Award—named for one of the founders of ILEA—is given to a volunteer who has significantly contributed to the growth and development of this association, not only through his or her creative vision, but through determined execution.   

Winners include:

  • Tom Kura (2023)

  • Dona Liston (2022)

  • Sara Grauf, CSEP  (2021)

  • JC York  (2020)

  • Eileen Bistrisky, CSEP  (2019)

Mettle Attitude

The Mettle Attitude Award is presented annually to the volunteer within the society who is always willing, always perseveres and achieves results against all odds.

Winners include:

  • India Rhodes, CSEP (2023) 

  • Barb Siska, CSEP  (2022)

  • Jane Hague  (2021)

  • Kristen Porchia  (2020)

Klaus J. Inkamp Lifetime Achievement Award

The prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award is given to a well-respected leader of ILEA and the live events industry. In order to qualify for this award, the recipient must be of high ethical character and have given selflessly to the industry, and to our association for an extended period of time.

Winners include: 

  • Dana Macaulay, CSEP (2023)

  • Christian Seidenstücker (2022)

  • Leslee Bell (2021)

  • Jaclyn Bernstein (2020)

  • Connie Riley, CSEP, CMP (2019)

Volunteer of the Year

This award goes to an ILEA volunteer who not only oozes professionalism, but also determination. He or she is always available to lend a hand and strives to achieve our goals by going beyond the call of duty.   

Winners include:

  •  Joel Olandesca (2023) 

  • Cecilia Lavin  (2022)

  • Rachel Jacob Barnett  (2021)

  • Tom Kura  (2020)

  • Tiffanie Rosier  (2019)

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