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CSEP Recertification + Reinstatement

Recertification Policy: The Certified Special Events Professional (CSEP) designation has significant impact on the credibility and integrity of the live events industry. CSEPs are required to recertify their credentials every three (3) years through continued professional development and education, and applied experience in, and service to, the events industry. The policies below are provided to assist CSEPs in their recertification planning ahead of their application deadline, and/or to assist lapsed CSEPs in pursuing reinstatement of the credential.

Pathways for Recertification



  • Minimum of 3 years of professional experience in the industry;

  • A total of 40 points earned from Continuing Education and Professional Development, Live Events Industry Leadership and Involvement, and other CSEP related activities. Minimum of 20 points must be earned from Continuing Education. All points claimed must have been achieved in the 3-year time period following initial certification or previous recertification.

  • Recertification submissions are subject to audit by the Certification Committee. Retain all verification documents for 6 months following the date of your recertification approval for audit purposes.

  • All CSEP’s must abide by the CSEP Code of Ethics (the ILEA Principles of Professional Conduct and Ethics).



  • ILEA allows recertification and reinstatement via exam. This option is especially beneficial to those who have had difficulty meeting recertification requirements due to an employment lapse.

  • In order to pursue exam-based recertification or reinstatement, you must make your request (for recertification, request must be made prior to your expiration date) via email to

  • If approved to recertify or reinstate via exam, you will be given 60 days to schedule and pass the exam.

2024 Recertification Application will open in late summer 2024.

Certification Lapse: Any CSEPs who fail to recertify will lose their credential on January 1 following their expiration date, and must cease and desist all use of the CSEP designation in all forms of communication. Reinstatement is available for 30 days following expiration. After having been lapsed for 30 days, an individual will have to submit a new application and pursue the credential as a new candidate.

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