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eet  ILEA.

We are the planners and the producers. The caterers. The decorators. The venues. The entertainers. The florists.
The lighting designers.The marketers. The photographers.

The connectors. The imaginators. The creators. The magicians. The moment makers. 


Events are powerful. They bring people together. The can unite us. They make a difference. They can change the world.

A local festival. An international sporting event. A non-profit fundraiser. A global summit.

We bring these events to life. We create opportunities for memories. For celebration. We provide a vehicle for stories to be told. Moments that enlighten, moments that empower. We help create lasting impressions that imprint on the mind, and even in the heart.


A wedding. An awards show. A conference. A political rally. A walk for a cause.

Moments that can make one laugh. Cry. Learn. Change. Transcend. Hope. Believe.

Who are we? #WeAreILEA.

ILEA is the principal association representing creative event professionals, globally.
Founded in 1987, ILEA has been bringing the event industry together for nearly four decades.
Today, ILEA includes over 1,500 members across 40+ chapters and 35 countries.


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