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Joining an ILEA committee offers a range of benefits. It provides opportunities for skill development, fostering teamwork, leadership, and decision-making abilities. Committee involvement facilitates networking within your community, enhancing professional growth and potential career advancement. Through collaborative efforts, you can contribute to meaningful projects and community service, leading to personal satisfaction. Joining a committee also adds value to your resume, showcasing your commitment, leadership skills, and active involvement in the world of live events. Overall, being part of an ILEA committee allows you to make a positive impact, both professionally and personally, while building valuable connections and experiences.


Committee recruitment is open now! We'd love to have you, let us know which committee you're interested in by filling out this form. 

Committee terms run annually from July 1 - June 30 and are largely recruited for in the Spring. However, if you are interested in serving on a committee, you can signal your preferences by emailing us here.  . 

Appointed Committees

The following committees are formed by positions held within the ILEA International Leadership in accordance with ILEA Bylaws. 

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