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We believe in the impact of live events. Collectively our membership produces millions of influential events around the world annually that make a lasting impression. Whether it is a business meeting or conference, social event such as a wedding, fundraiser or beyond, we know that events are a powerful medium. That’s why each year for the last nearly four decades we have come together as a global community at our flagship conference. What began as the Conference for Professional Development (CPD) to Eventworld to ILEA Live, is now in its newest iteration, I-24. ILEA continues to evolve and push the boundaries, as our members do.

Why I-24 - what does it mean? At first blush, the obvious one, ILEA. But it also stands for ideate. Inspiration. Imagine. Invent. Innovate. Intention. Infinite. EYE, for vision. All ideals that we believe signify and speak to our membership.

Little too out there for ya? Well that’s where we strive to live at ILEA – the outer bounds. The edge.


What is the significance of the space theme? As we were pondering the conference a few thoughts continually bubbled up. First, we know that those who work this industry are busy. They are always juggling multiple projects, timelines and deadlines for others. And it is rare that one can make space. Research shows that creating space is where ideation is born. So we’re asking you to clear some headspace. Then we’ll take you to a place of blank space, the place where you can be inspired. So we can then have the space to go beyond. All for people who use space as their canvas. Space represents time, and also infinite possibilities, the future.

I-24 is designed to be an immersive conference that provides space for:

  • Meaningful connections

  • Inspiration through education + experiences

  • Cultivation of future collaboration

  • Fostering of community

All in a LIVE, in-person environment where creativity is celebrated and knows no bounds.

What kind of content will be covered? The educational components of the conference are designed for thinking and strategy, and harnessing your creativity. We will not be covering 101, trend-type content as we are partnered with many organizations who do this very well. Instead, I-24 is focused on pushing the boundaries, thinking differently, taking us forward.  We may be talking about robots and AI, what being an astronaut event planner looks like, to then diving into the root core of humanity, the psychology of people coming together live sans technology.

Together, we will boldly go where no event professionals have gone before. Make space for I-24. Launching August 12.


  • Logan Anderson – MCI/ILEA

  • Deci Evans – Kind + Co Events

  • Anne Finzer – CEO Events + Etc. Décor

  • Jana Heinrichs – CORT Party Rentals

  • Melissa Jurcan, CSEP – Compass One at Amazon

  • Beth Knight – MCI/ILEA

  • Amanda Korb – Blue Ink

  • Gwen McNutt, CSEP – Comcast

  • David Schwartz – Orion Entertainment

  • Liz Sexton – Tolo Events

  • Ashley Slauter – MCI/ILEA

  • Heather Smith Teegarden, CSEP - Western WA Agriculture Association

  • Shelly Tolo – Tolo Events

  • Gazala Uradnik – GFS Events

  • Brittnie Wilkinson – Wilkinson Events

Conference History

ILEA has been bringing people together within the event industry since our inception in 1987.

  • 2002 – Conference for Professional
    Development (CPD): Sydney, Australia

  • 2001 – CPD: Indianapolis, IN

  • 2000 – CPD: Tucson, AZ

  • 1999 – CPD: Washington, DC

  • 1998 - CPD: Atlanta, GA

  • 1997 - CPD: Columbus, OH

  • 1996 - CPD: Miami, FL (Cruise)

  • 1995 - CPD: San Francisco, CA +
    Sydney, Australia

  • 1994 - CPD: Charlotte, NC

  • 1993 - CPD: Toronto, Canada

  • 1992 - CPD: San Diego, CA

  • 1991 - CPD: Chicago, IL

  • 1990 - CPD: Philadelphia, PA

  • 1989 - CPD: Lake Lanier, GA

  • 1988 - CPD: Atlanta, GA

  • 1987 - Founding Year Meeting: Dallas, TX

  • 2024 – I-24: Seattle, WA

  • 2023 – ILEA Ignite: San Antonio, TX

  • 2019 - ILEA LIVE: Minneapolis, MN

  • 2018 – ILEA LIVE: Denver, CO

  • 2017 - ILEA LIVE: Calgary, Alberta

  • 2016 – ILEA LIVE: Austin, TX

  • 2015 – ILEA LIVE: New Orleans, LA

  • 2014 – ILEA LIVE: Seattle, WA

  • 2013 – ILEA LIVE: Nassau, Bahamas

  • 2012 – ISES Eventworld: Dallas, TX

  • 2011 – ISES Eventworld: St. Louis, MO

  • 2010 – ISES Eventworld: Baltimore, MD

  • 2009 – ISES Eventworld: San Francisco, CA

  • 2008 – ISES Eventworld: St. Petersburg, FL

  • 2007 – ISES Eventworld: Montreal, Quebec

  • 2006 – ISES Eventworld: Honolulu, HI

  • 2005 – ISES Eventworld: Los Angeles, CA

  • 2004 – ISES Eventworld: Chicago, IL

  • 2003 – ISES Eventworld: Minneapolis, MN

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