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I affirm that the information and proof of my professional industry experience is correct and verifiable and that falsifying my experience will inhibit me from sitting for the CSEP exam.

I agree to be bound by the program terms and fees in effect at the time I submit my application.

I attest to the accuracy of the information provided to the fact that special events is my primary activity, and that I have been employed in the special events industry full-time.

I confirm I meet the requirements of my selected CSEP Exam Eligibility Pathway.

I commit to fully review notification emails regarding my application, including system requirements and attempt scheduling instructions.

I understand that recertification is required every three (3) years.

I understand that review of my CSEP Application will begin once the Application Fee has been processed/deposited.

I have reviewed the CSEP website and understand the procedures of the CSEP exam.

I understand that all Application Fees and Exam Fees are non-refundable and non-transferable (*if an candidate’s application is NOT approved, the exam fee of $350 is eligible for refund).

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